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Looking to sell poofs and bags   [Apr 18 2011]  [France]
We are poofs and bags selling company ready to supply you with first class products. We are fully capable to meet large orders. What are you waiting f ...
  Offered By: Sasa Corp

Have to acquire used purses and belts   [Feb 28 2011]  [France]
I need to acquire used purses and belts as soon as possible. Please contact if you represent some company dealing in used purses and belts. State your ...
  Wanted By: Sue Hale

Putting up used purses and belts for sale   [Feb 28 2011]  [France]
We are in trade of used purses and belts, supplying top class used purses and belts to our customers. Please contact if you are interested. Please do ...
  Offered By: Sue Hale

In need of guess items handbags at wholesale ...   [Dec 28 2010]  [France]
I require guess items handbags at low reasonable price. Please reach me with your price list on urgent basis. Would like to see your prices, products ...
  Wanted By: Solet Sophie
Brand: Guess   

Experienced trader looking to sell bags   [Dec 08 2010]  [France]
Great offers for bags are available. You don't need to go anywhere else if you are looking to buy bags. All types of bags are available, email me your ...
  Offered By: Invendus
Quantity: 1000    Price: USD $1

Anyone interested in bolsas at wholesale ...   [Dec 07 2010]  [France]
We are serious, dedicated suppliers of bolsas. We are fully capable to meet large orders. Make contact with your specifications and orders.
  Offered By: Seby Nadege

Have to acquire bags   [Dec 05 2010]  [France]
I am in the trade of bags and looking for reliable suppliers. All the bags should be genuine. Do not waste time if you can deliver these products on r ...
  Wanted By: France Invendus
Quantity: 500    Budget: USD $1

Currently looking for bags case and boxes   [Jun 10 2010]  [France]
I am a serious buyer, willing to buy bags case and boxes. Send me your rate list with clear mentioning of other details like moq. Just serious supplie ...
  Wanted By: Morio Glenny

Ipad case for sale   [May 27 2010]  [France]
We are looking for some serious buyers of ipad case. All products are genuine, export quality items, contact us if you are looking to buy. I am a repu ...
  Offered By: Sophie Ponds
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Willing to sell bags   [Mar 08 2010]  [France]
I am here to sell bags to serious buyers. Don't hesitate to write if you have some questions regarding our services. Please contact if you are interes ...
  Offered By: Jerome Debrie


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