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Total wholesale Nigeria baby diapers diapers buying and selling leads: 8

Trying to find baby diapers
Mar 24 2011  [Nigeria]
I am in need of purchasing baby diapers at sensible prices. Just serious suppliers with first class baby diapers should contact with their rates. Why ...
Wanted By: George Kalu
In need of baby diapers at ...
Feb 13 2012  [Nigeria]
Need regular supplies of baby diapers from some established supplier. Let me know if you are some serious wholesaler or dropshipper dealing in baby di...
Wanted By: Vinoney
Looking to purchase baby diapers
Oct 06 2009  [Nigeria]
I am in the trade of baby diapers and looking for reliable suppliers. Only those suppliers should contact who can provide authentic baby diapers. Plea...
Wanted By: Ekwere Ufot
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Looking for supplies of baby ...
Mar 26 2012  [Nigeria]
Need immediate supply of Huggies, Everdry, Babyfit baby diapers from authentic suppliers. Please contact if you represent some company dealing in bab...
Wanted By: Dozie
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Want to buy baby diapers and wipe
Aug 27 2010  [Nigeria]
Baby diapers and wipe required at reasonable price. Let me know if you are some serious wholesaler or dropshipper dealing in baby diapers and wipe. Pl...
Wanted By: Buki
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Brand new everdry baby diapers for ...
Mar 08 2011  [Nigeria]
Very good quality everdry baby diapers for sale at reasonable rates. We are sole suppliers of everdry baby diapers. We need serious and capable distri...
Offered By: Deborah
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In need of buying baby diapers
Oct 26 2011  [Nigeria]
I am a serious buyer, willing to buy baby diapers. Write to me with your offers, if you are interested in supplying. Please only contact me if you are...
Wanted By: Ufondu Chibuzo
Request for good quality baby ...
Jun 04 2010  [Nigeria]
Looking to get the supplies for any types of Baby Diapers. If you are offering some good deals, please let me know. Only write to me if you are some t...
Wanted By: Temi Odus
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