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In search of bat guano and seabird ...
Jun 30 2010  [Cameroon]
Ours is a bat guano and seabird guano fertilizers selling business at lowest rates available anywhere in the world. Make contact with your specificati...
Offered By: Cameroon Fertilizers
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Want to buy seabird guano
Feb 16 2010  [Canada]
I am in the trade of seabird guano and looking for reliable suppliers. Let me know if you are some serious wholesaler or dropshipper dealing in seabir...
Wanted By: Stan Smith
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Reputable company selling guano ...
Nov 04 2009  [Philippines]
We would like to offer our services for serious guano fertilizer wholesale buyers. I am a reputable trader with past history of exporting and product ...
Offered By: Paolo Ramirez
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Reputable company selling guano ...
Nov 04 2009  [Philippines]
Willing to supply guano fertilizer to sellers all over the world. You don't need to go anywhere else if you are looking to buy guano fertilizer. If yo...
Offered By: Paolo Ramirez
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Putting up bat guano and agri lime ...
Mar 05 2010  [Canada]
Dedicated suppliers of bat guano and agri lime selling export quality goods. Make contact with your specifications and orders. Anyone who is looking t...
Offered By: Jimmy Oxales
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Dec 21 2009  [Philippines]
We sell natural bat guano fertilizer. It is a naturally occurring source of phosphate for plants. Our mixture of this effective 100% phosphate sourc...
Wanted By: Paolo Ramirez
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Selling genuine wholesale ...
Nov 20 2009  [USA]
In need of concentrated liquid bat guano plant food buyers to expand my business. Send us your requirements and we will get back to you. You don't nee...
Offered By: John Farmer
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Bat Guano Fertilizer
Oct 19 2009  [Philippines]
Asia Brothers Trading is offering fresh pure and natural bat guano fertilizer direct from the caves here in the Philippines.
Offered By: Alexander E
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Exporting guano bat fertilizer
Sep 25 2009  [Philippines]
Dedicated suppliers of guano bat fertilizer selling export quality goods. Write to me for price details. If you are willing to import some, contact us...
Offered By: Alexander E
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Looking for guano wholesale buyers
Jun 01 2010  [Philippines]
Ready to sell guano at the most affordable wholesale rates. We would love to have sales inquiries from interested parties. Contact us for undisturbed ...
Offered By: Pablo Aranas
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