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I would like to offer bisque ware
Dec 11 2009  [China]
I am into selling all types of bisque ware at good prices. Send us your requirements and we will get back to you. I am a reputable trader with past hi...
Offered By: Lilian Sheh
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Ceramic bisque ware
Dec 11 2009  [China]
Great offers for ceramic bisque ware are available. We are fully capable to meet large orders. I am a reputable trader with past history of exporting ...
Offered By: Lilian Sheh
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Looking for fine bisque ware ...
Feb 24 2012  [USA]
Hi everyone, i am here to sell genuine fine bisque ware. Interested customers can send us their orders instantly. Quantities and payment method are ne...
Offered By: Janet Leavitt
Ready to supply you with wholesale ...
Dec 11 2009  [China]
Ready to sell unfinish bisque ware at the most affordable wholesale rates. Let us know if you are looking to purchase some. Write to us if you need pr...
Offered By: Lilian Sheh
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Putting Up Hollow Ware And Silver ...
Feb 13 2009  [India]
Ready To Sell Hollow Ware And Silver Flat Ware At The Most Affordable Rates. Don't Hesitate To Write If You Have Some Questions Regarding Our Services...
Offered By: Irfan Mohammad Khan
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Looking to sell pet ware and hotel ...
Feb 12 2009  [India]
Hi, we are selling pet ware and hotel ware at best prices available. All of the supplies are genuine, high class products. Make contact with your spec...
Offered By: Amit Mahajan
Experienced trader looking to sell ...
Jan 14 2010  [Panama]
We deal in export quality, low priced wholesale melamine ware and ceramic ware. Interested customers can send us their orders instantly. I am a reputa...
Offered By: Nisar Ahmed
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Looking to sell bisque ceramics
Aug 04 2010  [Netherlands]
Do you people need the bisque ceramics we sell? Write to us if you need price list or our details. Don't hesitate to write if you have some questions ...
Offered By: Ilona Mitchell
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Exporting pet ware.
Jan 28 2009  [India]
Ours is a pet ware selling business at lowest rates available anywhere in the world. You don't need to go anywhere else if you are looking to buy pet ...
Offered By: Mudit Goel
Brand new sanitary ware for sale
Feb 10 2010  [China]
We would like to offer our services for serious sanitary ware wholesale buyers. Anyone who is looking to purchase good quality sanitary ware should em...
Offered By: Russy Qiu
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