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Trying to find chicken leg ...
Mar 24 2010  [USA]
I need someone to supply me with chicken leg quarters (frozen) at low prices. Only write to me if you are some trustworthy supplier, please attach you...
Wanted By: James Park
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Putting up frozen chicken leg ...
Dec 13 2010  [USA]
Willing to supply frozen chicken leg quarters to sellers all over the world. All products are genuine, export quality items, contact us if you are loo...
Offered By: Abdallah Fawaz
Authentic seller supplying chicken ...
May 11 2010  [Canada]
Ours is a chicken leg quarters selling business at lowest rates available anywhere in the world. If you are trying to locate reputable suppliers, perh...
Offered By: Yasser Noor
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Have to acquire chicken leg
Aug 19 2010  [USA]
I am a serious buyer, willing to buy chicken leg. Only those suppliers should contact who can provide authentic chicken leg. If you are interested in ...
Wanted By: Mark Koganov
In search of chicken leg quarter
Jul 06 2010  [Philippines]
Searching for a supplier who can send first class chicken leg quarter at economical prices. Why don't you drop a line if you are exporting chicken leg...
Wanted By: Evangeline Alvar
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Buy first rate chicken legs ...
Aug 09 2012  [Malaysia]
Ours is a chicken legs quarters selling business at lowest rates available anywhere in the world. We are committed suppliers ready to meet all types o...
Offered By: Chedina Namabah
Frozen chicken feet whole wings leg
Jun 14 2010  [Malaysia]
Frozen chicken feet whole wings leg
Offered By: Muhmaed
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Selling genuine wholesale frozen ...
Nov 26 2012  [USA]
We supply Halal Frozen whole Chicken to various ports. Whole Frozen Halal Chicken, Whole Chicken Griller, Chicken leg quarter, Chicken Feet, Chicken B...
Offered By: Lucien
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Anyone interested in chicken meat ...
Aug 30 2010  [India]
Do you people need the chicken meat and chicken feet we sell? Send us your requirements and we will get back to you. All types of chicken meat and chi...
Offered By: Chinnanan Swaminathan
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Willing to buy pettiskirts and leg ...
Aug 24 2010  [USA]
Hi there, i am seeking genuine low priced pettiskirts and leg warmers. Why don't you drop a line if you are exporting pettiskirts and leg warmers, i n...
Wanted By: Heather Fitzgerald
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