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Have to buy gold and silver jewelry
Mar 26 2010  [Australia]
Searching for a supplier who can send first class gold and silver jewelry at economical prices. All the gold and silver jewelry should be genuine. If ...
Wanted By: Tina Morgan
I am after gold jewellery.
Mar 24 2009  [Australia]
Very good quality gold jewellery is needed at reasonable price. Can someone supply me with my requirements at low wholesale rates, then please get in ...
Wanted By: Ann Dee
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In search of gold dust
Oct 12 2010  [Australia]
Seeking good bargains for gold dust. Please reach me with your price list on urgent basis. Would like to see your prices, products and moq if you trad...
Wanted By: Joe Alex
I need gold dore bar
Dec 02 2009  [Australia]
Searching for a supplier who can send first class gold dore bar at economical prices. Why don't you drop a line if you are exporting gold dore bar, i ...
Wanted By: John Bodman
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Looking for gold 900g on urgent ...
Jun 14 2010  [Australia]
I am looking to buy gold 900g. Only write to me if you are some trustworthy supplier, please attach your price list. Why don't you drop a line if you ...
Wanted By: Hui Ding
In search of gold jewellery
Dec 11 2009  [Australia]
Gold jewellery required at reasonable price. Don't waste time if you are a serious seller looking for good business, get in touch with me with your ra...
Wanted By: Chantal Bates
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Putting up 9ct gold chain for sale
Aug 23 2011  [Australia]
We are serious, dedicated suppliers of 9ct gold chain. All types of 9ct gold chain are available, email me your order details. Thank you.
Offered By: Shane
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Ready to supply you with wholesale ...
Dec 02 2009  [Australia]
Do you people need the gold dore bar we sell? You don't need to go anywhere else if you are looking to buy gold dore bar. All products are genuine, ex...
Offered By: John Bodman
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Looking for Wyeth s26 gold ...
Jul 11 2011  [Australia]
Hi there, i am seeking genuine low priced Wyeth s26 gold products. Please contact if you represent some company dealing in Wyeth s26 gold products. Th...
Wanted By: Terence Ho
Looking to purchase shiny bright ...
Jun 02 2010  [Australia]
I require shiny bright gold lightweight fabric for flags at low reasonable price. If you deal in exports of shiny bright gold lightweight fabric for f...
Wanted By: Ian Brearley
Looking to acquire gold plated ...
Dec 31 2009  [Australia]
I want to buy first-rate gold plated ring sets. Please contact if you represent some company dealing in gold plated ring sets. Can someone supply me w...
Wanted By: Lesley Ford
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Interested in buying rose gold ...
Jun 11 2010  [Australia]
Searching for a supplier who can send first class rose gold plate jewellery at economical prices. If you have any low priced rose gold plate jewellery...
Wanted By: Sandra Page
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Currently looking for gold nuggets
Oct 13 2010  [Australia]
Need regular supplies of gold nuggets from some established supplier. Please forward your quotes as soon as possible. Get in touch if you have some go...
Wanted By: Joe Alex
Looking for supplies of gold ...
Dec 02 2009  [Australia]
I need to acquire gold nuggets as soon as possible. Send your full price list with catalog. If you are offering some good deals, please let me know.
Wanted By: John Bodman
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