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Interested in buying Levi
Sep 24 2010  [USA]
Looking to get the supplies for any types of Levi. If you deal in exports of Levi, then please contact me instantly. Just serious suppliers with first...
Wanted By: John Broussard
Need levi jeans immediately
Apr 05 2010  [UK]
We are looking to buy Levi Jeans from some serious supplier. If you are offering some good deals, please let me know. If you deal in exports of Levi J...
Wanted By: Anthony Heward
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Looking to buy levi 501 pants ...
Sep 15 2009  [UK]
Searching for a supplier who can send first class levi 501 pants at economical prices. Only those suppliers should contact who can provide authentic l...
Wanted By: Liam Hughes
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Levi big e 501xx jeans needed
Jan 15 2010  [USA]
I want to buy first-rate levi big e 501xx jeans. Write to me with your offers, if you are interested in supplying. Let me know if you are some serious...
Wanted By: Melissa Strachan
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Levi's vintage clothing trade ...
Feb 19 2010  [Thailand]
I am after suppliers of levi's vintage clothing. Send your full price list with catalog. Just serious suppliers with first class levi's vintage clothi...
Wanted By: Worakamon Siripraparat
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Trying to find xl levi type i ...
Mar 11 2009  [USA]
Searching for a supplier who can send first class xl levi type i jacket 1936 deadstock dry at economical prices. Would love to hear from some serious ...
Wanted By: Howell Riggs
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Willing to sell levi's jeans
Jan 18 2010  [United Arab Emirates]
Hi, we are selling levi's jeans at best prices available. We would love to have sales inquiries from interested parties. Kindly email us with your req...
Offered By: Fahad Raza
Serious buyer looking for levi's
May 18 2010  [USA]
Looking to import levi's from a reliable merchant. Contact me with your rate list, quantity will depend on the deal available. Can someone supply me w...
Wanted By: Keyosha Durham
Have to acquire shoes, levi pants
Aug 06 2009  [USA]
I am after suppliers of shoes, levi pants. I need serious trading companies who can make undisturbed supplies. Get in touch if you have some good barg...
Wanted By: Mariluz Parra
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Levi's, Adidas, Puma Brand Shoes
Mar 24 2010  [China]
The best supplier! The cheapest commodity! Levi's, Adidas, Puma brand shoes, clothes and notebook PC marketed directly by the factory.
Offered By: Wangchao
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