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Reputable company selling perfume
Apr 23 2013  [South Africa]
We are perfume selling company ready to supply you with first class products. All types of perfume are available, email me your order details. You don...
Offered By: Diane Smit
Carolina Herrera perfume required ...
Oct 11 2013  [South Africa]
Hi there, I am seeking genuine low priced Carolina Herrera perfume. Just serious suppliers with first class Carolina Herrera perfume should contact wi...
Wanted By: Antoinette Maimane
I am after perfume
Aug 18 2009  [South Africa]
Hello, i am looking for a trader who deals in perfume. If you deal in exports of perfume, then please contact me instantly. Send your full price list ...
Wanted By: Danette Sevenster
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In search of perfume
Oct 26 2009  [South Africa]
Looking to buy perfume from authentic suppliers. Interested in long term business, contact me if you are willing to supply. Why don't you drop a line ...
Wanted By: Denise Mari
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Looking for my own designed ...
Feb 15 2010  [South Africa]
I require my own designed perfume bottles at low reasonable price. If you are offering some good deals, please let me know. Just serious suppliers wit...
Wanted By: Lee Ann Lam
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Authentic seller supplying perfume ...
Jul 23 2012  [South Africa]
I am an established trader, supplying perfume oils. Send us your requirements and we will get back to you. Many thanks.
Offered By: Caroline Nord
Cologne perfume for sale
Jul 23 2012  [South Africa]
Ours is a cologne perfume selling business at lowest rates available anywhere in the world. All of the supplies are genuine, high class products. Than...
Offered By: Caroline Nord
Selling generic perfume, high ...
Jul 23 2012  [South Africa]
I am after buyers of generic perfume. In case you are willing to buy, contact us for further details. Waiting for your orders.
Offered By: Caroline Nord
Authentic perfume urgently needed
Aug 03 2010  [South Africa]
Very good quality authentic perfume needed at reasonable price. Send your full price list with catalog. Do not waste time if you can deliver these pro...
Wanted By: Estelle Bartlett
Looking for perfume wholesale ...
Apr 29 2010  [South Africa]
Willing to supply perfume to sellers all over the world. Write to me for price details. Write to us if you need price list or our details.
Offered By: Johanna Geyer
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