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Request for good quality VHS T-120 ...
Oct 20 2010  [Brazil]
Very good quality VHS T-120 tapes needed at reasonable price. Please contact if you represent some company dealing in VHS T-120 tapes. Send your full ...
Wanted By: Geferson Alves
Exporting VHS tapes
Jun 28 2010  [USA]
I am here to sell VHS tapes to serious buyers. We would love to have sales inquiries from interested parties. Contact us for undisturbed supplies.
Offered By: Hope Jackson
Exporting vhs tapes
Feb 13 2012  [USA]
Hi everyone, i am here to sell genuine vhs tapes. Get in touch if you are looking for amazing deals and offers. In case you are willing to buy, contac...
Offered By: Eric Kelly
Vhs tapes for sale
May 19 2010  [USA]
Ready to sell vhs tapes at the most affordable wholesale rates. Don't hesitate to write if you have some questions regarding our services. Kindly emai...
Offered By: Jennifer Lopez
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Disney VHS Movies and More
Apr 26 2010  [USA]
Loads of Disney VHS tapes-movies for sale and More some not disney. Animated and non animated. Some titles are hard to find. Most are in original box...
Offered By: Dorma Fox
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Dealing in bopp adhesive tapes and ...
Apr 23 2010  [China]
Hi everyone, i am here to sell genuine bopp adhesive tapes and super clear tapes. If you are willing to import some, contact us. Send us your requirem...
Offered By: Chase Wang
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Looking to acquire lesbian vhs
Jan 06 2010  [USA]
Need immediate supply of lesbian vhs from authentic suppliers. If you have any low priced lesbian vhs for sale, contact me. Don't waste time if you ar...
Wanted By: Duane Slama
Selling VHS tape, high quality at ...
Jul 06 2010  [USA]
I am after buyers of VHS tape. You don't need to go anywhere else if you are looking to buy VHS tape. If you are willing to import some, contact us.
Offered By: Camilla Belle
Request for good quality vhs movies
Jun 25 2010  [Philippines]
Searching for a supplier who can send first class vhs movies at economical prices. Send me your rate list with clear mentioning of other details like ...
Wanted By: Richard Roller
Offering hotfix tapes at wholesale
Jul 27 2010  [China]
We are in trade of hotfix tapes, supplying top class hotfix tapes to our customers. You don't need to go anywhere else if you are looking to buy hotfi...
Offered By: Shanghail Garment
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