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Opens exhaust hose clamps quickly and easily. Ideal for Citroen, Peugeot and Renault exhaust clamps. Also suitable for prizing open any types of clamp or clip secured with nut and bolt. Comfort grip handles with self locking ...
Wholesale: GBP £16.10 
From: Rapid Electronics Ltd.
Exhaust Manifold
Wholesale: USD $30.00 
From: C and N ReproductionsInc.
Black lian-li aluminium atx desktop computer case, with two 8cm exhaust fans, model: pc-c301b. Features and specifications: model: pc-c301a. Type: atx desktop. Color: silver. Case material: aluminum. Device: 2x 5.25 Bays ...
Wholesale: USD $209.00 
From: Directron
Exhaust Manifold - Chrome
Wholesale: USD $55.00 
From: C and N ReproductionsInc.
4 in Diagraham. Contains: Quantity. Screw 6-32 x 3/16. 2 Valve Keeper Strip. 2 Valve Flapper-Intake Exhaust. 2 O-Ring Gasket 1.
Wholesale: USD $43.21 
RRP: USD $51.85
From: Ocalco
Enables fast, one-handed, removal of exhaust brackets from rubber hangers. Suitable for a wide range of cars and light commercial vehicles.
Wholesale: GBP £16.30 
From: Rapid Electronics Ltd.
Full set of 3 x expanders to fit small, medium, large cars, 4 x 4's and commercial vehicles. A perfect tool for fitting after market rear boxes to a standard exhaust. Will expand a lenght of pipe in equal proportion so the pipe ...
Wholesale: GBP £20.57 
RRP: GBP £129.99
From: Dropship Online
Fits most other brands.
Wholesale: USD $35.00 
From: Xtreme Scooters
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A perfect to for cutting most types of pipework. Stainless steel, mild steel, galvanised steel, Copper and Aluminum pipes. Ideal for working in tight places. Small working angle thanks to alternating movement backwards/forwards. ...
Wholesale: GBP £21.42 
RRP: GBP £59.99
From: Dropship Online
Cuts out-of-round pipes. Four knife-edged cutting wheels cut quickly and cleanly. Can be operated with one hand. Less than 1/3 turn cuts all the way around the pipe. Unique design allows tool to shift to make out-of-round cut. ...
Wholesale: USD $21.47 
From: Dropshipped Products
Ams cf-6129sbk mid-tower case (silver with black), unique brushed finish plastic bezel to emulate an aluminum look. Front i/o audio/usb ports. Includes 8cm exhaust fan (std). Optional tac v1.1 8Cm side fan. No psu.Features: front ...
Wholesale: USD $33.99 
From: Directron
Super slim and lightweight, the vantec lapcool 3 is perfect for the laptop user on the go. Featuring dual silent fans with a rear exhaust prevents any intake or exhaust interference when used on a lap or flat surfaces. The ...
Wholesale: USD $21.95 
From: PC Toys
DLE55 enginePerformance:5.5HP/7500rpm (5.5HP/7500rpm)Idle Speed: 1350 rpm/min.14.2Kg Pulling Force / 100 meters Altitude12.5Kg Pulling Force / 1800 meters AltitudeThe specification of the aircraft propeller: 22X8, 22X10, 23X8, ...
Wholesale: USD $285.00 
RRP: USD $380.00
From: Xi an Feiao Electronic Co. Ltd.
Fsp group 350w atx12v v2.2 Computer power supply, with near silent illuminated 12cm exhaust fan, supports the latest intel p4 and athlon xp cpus. Model: atx350-pnt. Features: supports the latest intel p4 and athlon xp cpus. Near ...
Wholesale: USD $26.99 
From: Directron
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