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Wave Wand Light Up Wand Assortment Comes in 2 Styles: Fiber Optic 8-Mode Wand and Color Changing Wave Wand Comes in Assorted Colors
Wholesale: USD $1.33 
RRP: USD $2.99
From: Dollar Days International LLC
Material: ABS LED lights Fiber Optic, Battery: Type Button, LED color: Red/blue/green/white, Features: Recyclable, Unique design fashionable, LED color: Red, yellow, blue, green, white, multi color, Laser Flash finger light, ...
Wholesale: CNY ¥1.50 
RRP: CNY ¥3.00
From: Longda Cheering Prop & Toy Co Ltd
1. Optical Fiber Finger Light, Powered by two or three pieces AG3 batteries, very bright LED light, included and replaceable. It can project various color light beam. 2. Each light has an elastic band that attach to fingers. 3. ...
Wholesale: INR ₨1.00 
RRP: INR ₨2.00
From: Longda Cheering Prop & Toy Co Ltd
Wholesale: USD $23.30 
RRP: USD $49.95
From: A1A Gifts
Magnificent Mini Fiber Optic Lamps ,Similar items are sold in better stores and catalogs for up to $14.95 each. Each one attractively packaged and battery operated. Measurements: 2-3 Inch base, Fiber measures 12 inches in height ...
Wholesale: USD $36.00 
From: Novelties Wholesale LLC.
Wholesale: USD $23.30 
RRP: USD $49.95
From: A1A Gifts
Wholesale: USD $23.30 
RRP: USD $49.95
From: A1A Gifts
Interlink lightspeed 200 higher performance digital fiber optic cable. Monster designed pressure connection keeps fiber in perfect alignment with components. Metal shell connector for lifelong durability. Graded index optical ...
Wholesale: USD $56.98 
From: Directron
VGA/DVI Fiber Optic transmission system is a transmitter and receiver set for long distance transmission of high resolution VGA, audio and RS-232 control signals over fiber optic cable. Engineered for reliability and exceptional ...
Wholesale: USD $650.00 
RRP: USD $730.00
From: Shenzhen Huatiancheng Technology Co Ltd
Gamelink 350 s-video cable outperforms ordinary s-video, rca, and rf connections. Lightwave 100 fiber optic cable outperforms ordinary analog audio connections. Fiber optic connection allows you to take advantage of ps2s dolby ...
Wholesale: USD $40.98 
From: Directron
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