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EMP-Centauri guarantees its products will be free from defects in material and workmanship under conditions of normal use. If any of the EMP-Centauri products is found to be defective in four years from the manufacture date which ...
Wholesale: CAD $224.99 
RRP: CAD $289.99
From: Import Best Buys
Matching transformer, Input : 75 Ohm, Outout : 300 Ohm.
Wholesale: CAD $0.88 
RRP: CAD $1.49
From: Import Best Buys
50 highly absorbent cloths for general applications. Useful for cleaning equipment casings; furniture and whiteboards. Lint-free cloth measures 340x320mm. Can be used with Foamclene and Screen-Clene pump spray.
Wholesale: GBP £4.90 
RRP: GBP £7.75
From: Stationery Direct
The Nfusion SD Nuvenio is the latest Standard Definition free to air satellite receiver from Nuvenio Powered by Nfusion. The Nuvenio SD beats the rest of its competition. Inside this receiver, the Nuvenio NU powered by nfusion is ...
Wholesale: CAD $194.99 
RRP: CAD $299.99
From: Import Best Buys
EMP-Centauri Ltd. is one of the largest European producers of multi-switches, coaxial switches and related accessories for reception and distribution of satellite TV signals. Their highly skilled development staff builds on more ...
Wholesale: CAD $12.00 
RRP: CAD $19.99
From: Import Best Buys
Needle-Free Mesotherapy equipment uses the electrophoresis technique, under the function of the electrophoresis, the cells membrane temporarily proceed with the microporous physics process, two seconds only, it can quicken ...
Wholesale: USD $280.00 
RRP: USD $300.00
From: Guangzhou Gabriel Optic-electronic Co Ltd
This feature packed High Definition Linux Media Center is designed to provide a wide range of personal and broadcast media playback. The CW-4000HD utilizes 15th generation software that provides a wide range of media applications ...
Wholesale: CAD $499.99 
RRP: CAD $599.99
From: Import Best Buys
The VIEWSAT PRO is Viewsat's newest and of course most powerful and exciting Free To Air Receiver to date! This PVR ready receiver will knock your socks off. This receiver was initially designed to be a dual tuner PVR so the GUI ...
Wholesale: CAD $152.99 
RRP: CAD $229.99
From: Import Best Buys
The nFusion Solaris, is the new 2009 replacement to the older nFusion Nova model. Specs, features and size are all the same. The nFusion Solaris takes major free-to-air manufacturers to task when it comes to ease of use and ...
Wholesale: CAD $228.99 
RRP: CAD $289.99
From: Import Best Buys
The logitech x-230s high-tech subwoofer adjusts itself dynamically to deliver distortion-free bass. And the two wall-mountable satellite speakers use logitechs patented fdd2 technology to eliminate the uneven sound response ...
Wholesale: USD $36.99 
From: Directron
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