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This book is written by E.W. Leroe. It is about a town where a pizza shop sends out robots that repeat the phrase: "Eat a pizza. Roba's pizza." The robots somehow turn the entire town into ravenous pizza zombies. The book ...
Wholesale: USD $0.40 
RRP: USD $3.95
From: Roden Surplus Imports Inc.
Zombies are now smarter and work their way around doors as they chase after you .Use the ds touchpad to solve puzzles and slash at zombies . Freshly upgraded puzzles provide new challenges for fans . 2 To 4 player wireless mode, ...
Wholesale: USD $25.84 
From: MK Enterprise Ltd.
Dead rising follows the harrowing tale of frank west, a freelance photojournalist after the scoop of a lifetime. In a small suburban town thats overrun by zombies, he escapes to the local shopping mall, thinking it will be safe. ...
Wholesale: USD $51.68 
From: MK Enterprise Ltd.
Learn the "How To Dos" from one of the top F/X Make-up artists. Slashes, Burns Toxic Waste, Zombies and Frost Bite. All on one informative DVD. This is a must for all beginners, Haunted House actors and for F/X enthusiasts.
Wholesale: USD $19.95 
From: Bobbie Weiner Enterprises LLC
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Officially Licensed MisfitsPortrait Belt BuckleScare away the zombies with this Misfits Fiend's portraitbelt buckle. Material:Pewter Weight: 4.4oz Size:4" Wx 2.25" H Made in the USA Designed to fit a 1.5 W beltYou may choose to ...
Wholesale: USD $19.95 
From: Hot Buckles Inc.
We all know that the undead love to eat us! Easily make yourself look as if you've sustained a fewbites beating off those infected zombies by wearing this Bloody Arm Bandage! Sized to fit most teens and adults.A simple and easy ...
Wholesale: USD $6.99 
From: Halloween Mart
The Goon #25 Comic Book. Buzzard returns from Horse Eater's Woods with the tale of how the terrible curse that plagues the town began. He also knows what it means for Goon. Will Goon turn his back on those that need him most to ...
Wholesale: USD $2.99 
From: Entertainment Earth Inc.
It's 6am, Halloween morning. You get your cup of coffee and sit at the kitchen table, casually flipping on the morning news, as is your daily routine. Something, however, is quite different this morning... Looking at your TV, ...
Wholesale: USD $39.99 
From: Halloween Mart
The Goon #24 Comic Book. Buzzard, formally the sheriff of a small western town where the townsfolk were turned into nefarious zombies, returns to Horse Eater's Woods to better understand the source of a horrifying curse that ...
Wholesale: USD $2.99 
From: Entertainment Earth Inc.
The story continues! Don't miss a thing! Add to your collection! It's time again to journey into the deepest, darkest, most terrifying recesses of Marvel history, so make sure you've got batteries in your flashlight and prepare ...
Wholesale: USD $59.99 
From: Entertainment Earth Inc.
The adventure continues...don't miss a thing! From creators Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson! 184 pages. Welcome to Burden Hill -- a picturesque little town adorned with white picket fences and green, green grass, home to a unique ...
Wholesale: USD $19.99 
From: Entertainment Earth Inc.
No previous experience with the prince of persia series is required to enjoy prince of persia: the sands of time. In fact, virtually nothing will bar you from being impressed by this extremely well-put-together action adventure ...
Wholesale: USD $16.99 
RRP: USD $49.99
From: Mega Goods Inc.
Templar - Japanese Inspired Blue LED WatchHighlights... Cold Burning Blue LEDs Time and Date function Top row for hours display Bottom row for minutes display Normally sells for around USD200! Cool factor: 3.14X ...
Wholesale: USD $15.00 
From: Lotable Inc.
Glass 12 oz. zombie clear shell for dishing out really stunning cocktails. Created for zombies and similar cocktails, this tall and clear glass shows the thirst-inducing contents in their most enticing form. Manufactured by ...
Wholesale: USD $101.99 
From: Lions Deal Wholesale Resturant Supplies
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