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Sonicview Ihub Ethernet Dongle Adaptor

It's official the SV iHub is here, With the release of the Sonicview SV iHub, Team Sonicview has ushered in a new era in the FTA industry. Just as the internet brought about changes in almost every aspect of our lives, the ability to connect Sonicview receivers to the internet will change every aspect of Free-to-Air viewing. The SV iHub, available only on Sonicview receivers, will render all other receivers obsolete. Join the cutting edge in the FTA industry. Key Features of the SV iHub, Download Images: Download images on your Sonicview for viewing family photo's directly on your TV. Photo Frames are one of the biggest sellers of 2009. Sonicview helps provide the largest photo frame of all, Your Big Screen TV with the Sonicview and SV iHub combo.
Product Information
Wholesale: CAD $74.99
RRP: CAD $149.99
Profit: CAD $75.00
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